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Be a lady despite the weather!

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Women's outerwear with character

RainSisters' design coats are perfect for fashionable yet practical ladies running errands in the changeable weather. Leave the umbrella at home for empty hands and be sure to look great in the unexpected rain or wind breeze. 

Design coat collection | AW19

Customer testimonials

Weather is bad, it's raining, it's misty and murky? Just put on this raincoat and you'll feel like the only one delighted on the street. And all those smiles and compliments I've got while walking down the streets of London. This made me feel special. And happy. And I believe this piece of art makes the day better for also those who smiled at me.

And the quality of the product is exceptional. You can really feel that it's handmade with perfection. Thank you RainSisters.


When I first saw this coat I was instantly interested. When I tried it on, I thought I will never be able to take it off. 

RainSisters have created something truly magical - functional and practical coat which at the same time is so feminine and elegant. It's not just a raincoat. It is a feeling that you wear. 

Thank you for creating this beauty!


A feminine and elegant coat. I'm happy that it combines the two main requirements of mine - practicality and style. 

Usually raincoats have just the practical side, but when wearing this one I'm always smiling because I know - I will look fabulous even while hiding from rain under the big hood. 

I'm now waiting for a cooler, or a rainy day so I could wear my coat.


The most beautiful coat I have ever worn! Value for money - worth every Euro I paid. The raincoat is perfect combination of functionality and femininity. 

Also, sisters from RainSisters have individual approach to each client - the coat was custom made according to my body proportions and even changed later based on my wishes!


With coat like this I blossom like a flower when it rains.


Feminine, qualitative, functional and beautiful. Thanks to RainSisters girls for my favourite apparel of this spring. 


Thank you very much for such beautiful coat!

I had no doubt that I needed this coat. Feminine but functional at the same time. The unique design makes the coat one of a kind. 

Coat in my size wasn't available at once, so I needed to communicate with girls what also was a very pleasant experience. 

I wish good luck and growth to the girls! 


Fantastic coats! I tried on the coat 'Hortense' and it was almost like made for me! And the floral pattern are fantastic as well!!!

Very qualitative coats! Thank you!!!


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