Vision and Values

Minty Meadow coat

Our vision from the very beginning was clear - to create a range of coats that women would feel fabulous wearing, no matter the weather. Each RainSisters coat is a testament to this vision, marrying functionality with timeless and feminine design. And so RainSisters feminine design coats were born!

At RainSisters, we believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, feminine and confident, no matter the weather. Our coats are designed to make you stand out with their vintage-inspired shapes, unique prints and bold colors while also providing the comfort and protection you need on rainy days.

Your RainSisters coat is more than just a clothing item - it's a statement of style, ethics, and quality that lasts.

MIsty Rose coat

Our Values

Timeless Elegance

Our coats are crafted with a focus on vintage-inspired, feminine designs that never go out of style. Something that is not easy to come by when you’re looking for a coat that can withstand different weather conditions.

Functional and Comfortable

Made with high-quality, water-resistant materials, our coats are as practical as they are beautiful. They are waterproof (10,000mm), which means they will withstand 1-2 hours in a light rain/snow, or approximately 30 minutes in a moderate shower, without letting water come through. They are also breathable: (5,000 gsm), so they don't accumulate body sweat.

Ethically Produced

We're committed to environmentally conscious and ethical practices in every coat we create. We never mass produce and take the time to ensure that every piece looks perfect for each customer. We want our coats to find their perfect homes and stay there for a long time, even if it takes us a little longer to complete that process. Also, we use any leftover pieces of fabric to create make-up bags as well as other accessories.

Inclusive Sizing

Catering to every body type, our range includes sizes from XXS to 3XL + petite and tall sizes.