Three Sisters Behind the RainSisters

Three sisters behind the RainSisters

The Story of The Three Sisters

In the charming city of Riga, Latvia, RainSisters blossomed from the shared dreams of three visionary sisters—Zanda, Zaiga, and Zane. Fueled by their diverse backgrounds in architectural design, textile technologies, and finance, they embarked on a journey to infuse fashion with their unique blend of expertise and passion.

However, the three sisters weren't born and raised in Riga. They grew up in a small town in the eastern part of Latvia called Jēkabpils. Coming from a rather large family of six, they experienced a rural lifestyle, where they grew most of their own food and engaged in sewing and upcycling thrifted clothes—long before it became a trend.

During their adolescence, each of them pursued different hobbies and interests, which later evolved into the professional paths they chose. However, all three sisters continue to sew dresses, trousers, or other clothing items from time to time. Despite successful careers in various international and local companies, their professional skills and passion for fashion led them to the decision to create a small but internationally beloved brand, still run by the sisters themselves.

Now, let's meet the sisters behind the brand!

Zane - one of the sisters from RainSisters


I am really outgoing, I love to try new things, and I adapt quite quickly. Since early childhood, I have been very precise and detail-oriented. I also love to be creative, but honestly, there has always been an accountant in me. So in RainSisters, I am the finance sister. I love to base decisions on data and I'm on my way to create hundreds of different spreadsheets, tables, and graphs on RainSisters' business. However, as I am also planning the production runs and running other errands, there is sometimes simply not enough time to do everything.

Zaiga - one of the sisters behind RainSisters


I think the best way to describe myself is thoughtful and patient. I love to carefully consider things and find the best solutions. I never get angry or mad because I believe that all opinions matter and there is always a way to reach an agreement.

Additionally, I am quite kind-hearted, and I wish there were a possibility to give ALL our coats for free to our customers. However, in the meantime, I am putting my professional knowledge to work by creating technical patterns for all styles available. I am also supervising quality control on materials and searching for new, better components.

Zanda - one of the sisters behind RainSisters


I am quite stubborn, especially when it comes to reaching a goal. I rely heavily on intuition and often base my decisions on it. Fortunately, it seems to work, as it has helped RainSisters get this far. However, I do have a tendency to overreact at times, and I'm grateful that my sisters know me well enough not to get upset about it.

I've always had a passion for fashion and design, so in RainSisters, I'm responsible for all new designs, styles, and prints. Currently, I also manage the marketing team and plan all the photoshoots.


As a family business founded and managed by three sisters, our brand carries the unique warmth and solidarity of sisterhood. Our bond extends beyond blood, creating a community of women who share a common thread of strength and elegance. We understand the complexities of the feminine experience, and our coats reflect this understanding, offering a canvas for women to navigate through life's varied climates with grace.

So, join us on this journey where every coat tells a story of embracing us - women!