How We Started

Mommy and Me set with Raspberry Dream and Blue Breeze coat

It was early beginning of 2018 when the idea of RainSisters were born. Actually we were trying to solve the problem we had ourselves - the situation where there is no option to carry an umbrella due to the wind or other aspects, but the rain is pouring down. As a result we get drenched and our clothes get soaked through while we end up feeling totally miserable.

What’s the solution then? Well when living in cities where the weather is frequently changing and often rainy, having a well-made waterproof coat to wear every day is by far the best option. The only problem is finding a coat like this, that also looks elegant, classy and feel comfortable even when it is not raining. When we understood that in the market there are mostly options with unisex and masculine designs made from rubber-like material, we thought that we have to create something more feminine and more appropriate for everyday use. 

Blue Breeze coat

Our journey began with a commitment to empower women through fashion. We understand that a woman's life is a tapestry of roles and responsibilities, each requiring adaptability and resilience. Thus, our coats are meticulously designed to complement the ever changing and unpredictable nature of both weather and life. We believe that a woman should never compromise on style, comfort, or confidence, regardless of the forecast.

As a family business founded and managed by three sisters, our brand carries the unique warmth and solidarity of sisterhood. Our bond extends beyond blood, creating a community of women who share a common thread of strength and elegance. We understand the complexities of the feminine experience, and our coats reflect this understanding, offering a canvas for women to navigate through life's varied climates with grace.

So, join us on this journey where every coat tells a story of embracing us - women.