Become an Affiliate

Have you ever experienced being stopped on the street and asked about the RainSisters' coat you are wearing? Well, we have, and almost every day we receive your messages telling us that you have experienced the same! So we, RainSisters, are excited to launch the affiliate program. We are looking to work with content creators and influencers who love RainSisters' design coats and want to share it with their audiences.

Overall Information

  • Free to join;
  • 30-day cookie window;
  • Competitive commission;
  • Payouts are transffered via PayPal or Card Payment at the 15th of the next month;
  • We keep the rights to pause your account until clarification of any suspicious activities.

Requirements for Affiliates

  1. You have to own a RainSisters coat to become an affiliate;
  2. After placing a request for becoming an affiliate we may reach out to you via email indicated on your affiliate request to confirm your identity;
  3. To pay out the amount you earned we may need to collect your personal information to be sure the taxes are paid.  


Find out more and sign up here

If you have any inquiries, please email