Being environmentally conscious is one of our key values at RainSisters - and here is how we incorporate sustainability and “slow fashion” philosophy in our garment design and daily work processes.

Functional fashion is sustainable fashion

It is a common view that the key requirement for feminine clothing is to look good. Nice colors and bright prints, elegant silhouettes, clothing that emphasizes the femininity of women. Surely, we agree to this - we do want women to look and feel beautiful!

However, the good look is often created at the expense of functionality and comfort. And we want to change this - feminine can be functional! Beautiful look can be comfortable!

We pay attention also to the small details that add extra comfort when wearing a RainSisters coat: a large hood with adjustable tighteners to make sure no rain gets onto your face (who would want a runny mascara, yikes!), hidden snap buttons, and large hidden pockets in the side seams to hide a lipstick, phone, or a healthy snack for a kid. Fashion should be purposeful and the details should be intentional.

Multipurpose clothing is sustainable fashion

Women around the world are invited to buy less and to reassess their closet against different sustainability principles, for example, philosophy of capsule wardrobe. A RainSisters coat really ticks off many boxes on the list.

Wear it irrespective of the occasion and outfit - most of the RainSisters coat designs work well with high heels as well as with jeans and sneakers. Wear it irrespective of the weather - in a wide range of temperature, in sunny or rainy or snowy or windy days, and on days when you have no idea what the weather will be like later. To ensure this, the coats are all made from high quality membrane fabric that is breathable, warm, waterproof, windproof, and makes no sound when walking.

High quality fabric is sustainable fashion

Membrane fabric that is used to make all of the coats by RainSisters is of high quality, durable, and easy to care for - ensuring long use of the garment.

Timeless design is sustainable fashion

There are some fashion trends that just don’t go anywhere and are repeated again and again by different designers at different periods of time. A little black dress, a white shirt, and floral prints. Jeans, trenchcoats, and hourglass silhouette. The RainSisters coats are rather classical in style, and classics don’t go out of trend.

Why is this important for the philosophy of slow fashion? Because we need to change the common view of “you can only wear a dress once” and “this color was trendy last spring, now there is a completely different pattern to wear”. There is no need to throw out a perfectly good outfit just because it screams “so last season” when you are selecting timeless design.

Small production volumes is sustainable fashion

Our coats are handmade locally in an ethical and fair manner. We produce in small amounts and take the effort that each and every piece looks perfect on a lady. We make sure that every coat that's produced is loved by its right customer, even if sometimes that takes a bit longer to take it off the shelf.

Efficient use of fabric is sustainable fashion

A lot of waste in fashion industry is created in the cutting room, perhaps even 10-15% of the fabric is lost if the patterns are not fitted to the fabric width properly. To avoid that, we have invested in digital solutions - of course, a computer is better at playing Tetris with our coat pieces than we are.

Also, we collect the leftover pieces of fabric - to create make-up bags. Waterproof and feminine - what more can you ask from your cosmetic bag?


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