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The beginning...

We have all experienced those days when the sun is shining in the morning when we wake up, but by mid-afternoon the skies open up and it’s pouring with rain. What’s worse is that us ladies know that there’s little chance we’ll have remembered to bring an umbrella with us. The result? We get drenched and our beautiful hairstyles and clothes get soaked through while we end up feeling totally miserable.

What’s the solution then? Well when living in cities where the weather is frequently changeable and often rainy, having a well-made waterproof raincoat to wear every day is by far the best option. The only problem is finding a raincoat like this, that also looks elegant, classy and matches with your favorite sexy heels. A raincoat that looks smart and sassy even when there’s no rain. That dazzles people around you no matter what the weather does.

So we decided to create raincoats made exclusively for women, that would look sophisticated, beautiful and feminine, all the while also being waterproof, warm and highly functional. This item of clothing is a must-have for any woman who loves to look good but also keep inclement weather at bay while doing it. And so RainSisters feminine raincoats were born!

Designed for city women, RainSisters coats are designed with lines and patterns that enhance every inch of your femininity. They are each handmade using the most comfortable breathable materials, keeping you warm and dry in any weather. You can be sure you’ll always look like a lady whatever the weather!

Our fabrics 

Rosalie coat pockets

All our coats are made using a special membrane material, which is a woven fabric that is flexible and functional, but also soft and incredibly comfortable.

    To put it simply, our coats will:

    1. Protect you from unexpected rain and wind;
    2. Keep you warm and maintain normal body temperature;
    3. Allow your skin to breathe and feel comfortable

    These coats are amazing because without making any compromises, they provide protection from wet weather of any kind while keeping you dry and comfortable and ALWAYS looking your gorgeous best!

    Want to know more about membrane material? Read more here!

    Our patterns

    Hortense coat in wind

    In Latvia, there is an average of 1790 hours of sun per year, similar to the climates found in Finland, Belgium, Denmark and the UK. Outside of those sunny hours, the weather here is dull, grey, and often rainy. You would think that in a country with so many drab days, the inhabitants would want to brighten up their lives with vibrant colorful clothes. In fact, the opposite is true. Black and grey are the most popular colors, even though numerous scientific studies have shown that colors possess different energies which can calm or revitalize you. We also believe that bold colors and patterns are a great way to express how unique and individual you are and ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

    All RainSisters coats are made from fabrics bursting with color and bold stylized flower motifs to brighten up any day and make you feel special, self-confident and exceptionally feminine. No one will miss you when you wear one of our coats!

    All patterns used in coats from the Autumn 2018 collection onwards are designed exclusively by RainSisters designer and founder Zanda Purviske. Her creations are completely one-of-a-kind and won’t be found in any other raincoat, anywhere else in the world. How’s that for being unique?

    About us

    RainSisters is a small, independently owned clothing brand and company based in Riga, Latvia. We were founded and are managed by 3 sisters: Zanda, Zaiga and Zane. We combine our experience in architectural design, textile technologies and finance with our passion for fashion.

    Our supporters

    SIA “Rain Sisters” was supported by th LIAA Business Incubator program between 2018-2022. On 23 rd February, 2022, SIA “Rain Sisters” signed an agreement with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) for the International Competitiveness Promotion project, which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

    Investing in our future    LIAA


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