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The beginning...

We all have came across situation when the weather is sunny in the morning, but at the evening the rain is pouring down. And we, ladies, know, that there is small chance the umbrella will be there for us.

We thought that for living in city where the weather changes oh so quickly, raincoat is the best option. Except, it is kinda hard to match your favourite high heel shoes with sporty and masculine rain jacket. And most often, rainwear isn't suitable for wearing when it isn't raining

So we decided that feminine coat, which is also practical (waterproof, warm, windproof and with functional details) is a must-have for every city lady like us. 

Designed for women with city lifestyle, RainSisters design coats have especially feminine lines, cuts and patterns that help you express your femininity and elegance. All RainSisters coats are handmade using the most comfortable and qualitative waterproof and breathable materials to keep you warm and dry during rain. So you can be a lady despite the weather!

Fabric material

Rosalie coat pockets

Membrane material is made from a woven fabric that is very flexible, functional (waterproof, warm and windproof) and, guess what: very, very soft and comfortable.

This fabric has 3 layers of different materials:

  • The upper layer keeps you dry by blocking  rain, snow or sleet from getting through;
  • The middle layer is the membrane and it holds back the wind while letting through the steam that your body produce while moving;
  • The inner layer is made of soft material that keeps you warm while allowing the steam to flow through from inside to outside.

Membrane fabric is a lightweight material and provides freedom of movement with no additional weight to carry. These qualities make this material popular when extra flexibility for movement is required, like in cycling, running, fitness, and kidswear. It is also used in producing work apparel. The best known membrane fabric is GORE-TEX®.

For your coats we use a high quality material which is:

* Waterproof: (10,000mm) for most comfort we recommend spending a short time (about 60-120min) in a light pressure rain (when you normally use your umbrella) or snow. Not suitable for showers!

* Breathable: (5,000 gsm) best for casual walks in the city also in sunny days.

* Warm and windproof: There are no guidelines for this. But we like to wear our coats from -5°C/23°F (quick walk to the car) to +20°C/68°F (in evenings on top of a light summer dress).

To sum up, membrane fabric is waterproof, windproof, breathable AND warm so it is the perfect choice if you are looking for a coat or jacket to:

  • Protect you from unexpected rain and wind;
  • Keep you warm and maintain normal body temperature;
  • Allow your skin to breath and feel comfortable.

In short, our coats are perfect for days with changing weather and mild rain or drizzle. The amazing thing is - without making any compromises, fabric still maintains all of the must have practical features of a waterproof fabric. Because of the soft and flexible material characteristics it is, to our mind, the best fabric for those who value comfortable apparel for more casual everyday lifestyle.

Want to know more about membrane material? Read more here!

Fabric patterns

Hortense coat in wind

In Latvia, there are on average 1790 hours of sunshine per year (about the same as in Finland, Belgium, Denmark and UK), and any other time it's rather dull weather. You would think that in a country like this people do shine up their lives with colourful and bold outfits. Actually, it's the opposite. Black and grey are the most popular colours, despite there are thousands of studies that show - different colours have different energies that can calm or vitalize you. Also, we believe that colours and patterns are a great way to express your individuality and stand out from the crowd.

All RainSisters coats are made from colourful fabrics with bold stylized flower motifs to brighten up any day and make you feel special, self-confident and exceptionally feminine.

The used patterns (starting from Autumn 2018 collection) are made by RainSisters designer and founder Zanda Purviske. So, you can be sure: there won't be any other company using the same design.


About us

RainSisters is a small women's design coat brand based in Riga, Latvia, founded and managed by 3 sisters Zanda, Zaiga and Zane, who combine their experience in architectural design, textile technologies, and finance with love for fashion.

Our supporters

SIA "Rain Sisters" is supported by the LIAA Business Incubator program during 2018-2022. On 23 February 2022, SIA "Rain Sisters" has signed an agreement Nr. SKV-L-2022/91 with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) for the project "International competitiveness promotion", which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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