Next-Level Style: Exploring the Innovative Features of Our Newest Collection!

Next-Level Style: Exploring the Innovative Features of Our Newest Collection!

We are thrilled to present you our newest collection that blends the beauty of nature and the art of the design! Spring/Summer 2024 collection is more than just a shield against unpredictable weather, it’s a statement of personal style, created with our signature water-resistant material, ensuring both protection and poise. This is not just a collection; its celebration of femininity, resilience and joy of embracing every day with confidence.

We invite you to explore new exciting features of RainSisters design coats, which has never been before: ballon-styled sleeves, light-shell fabric, and short jackets with detachable hood. Let’s dive in in every feature and discover what’s unique about them.


Elevate Your Style: Embracing Balloon Sleeves 

Vintage-inspired balloon-style sleeves add a touch of retro charm making your outfit look exquisite. Timeless black design coat “Majestic Night” and bright yellow coat “Majestic Yellow” will make you stand out of the crowd wherever you go, offering a perfect blend of fashion-forward flair and everyday functionality.

Despite their voluminous appearance, balloon sleeves are a surprisingly comfortable fit. The fabric allows for ease of movement, ensuring that you can go about your day with unrestricted freedom.

Pair them with tailored trousers for a sophisticated office look, or layer them over a flowing dress for a romantic evening ensemble. The possibilities are endless, offering endless opportunities for creative expression and personal style.

Embrace the allure of balloon sleeves and elevate your outerwear game with our stunning collection.

coat "Minty Meadow"

Light-shell fabric for those colder summer evenings

New collection features four new coats from light shell fabric: “Minty Meadow”, “Graceful Grey”, “Powder Dream” and “Timeless Black”. The light shell fabric is more appropriate for warmer weather as it has no inner fleece layer. We suggest wearing this coat in temperatures ranging from +10°C (50°F) up to +25°C(77°F). Same as all other RainSisters coats these ones also are water resistant (10 000mm), breathable (5 000 gsm) and windproof. Please note that the water resistance level of 10 000mm means that our coats can withstand 1-2 hours in a light rain/snow, or approximately 30 minutes in a moderate shower, without letting water come through. Our coats are not appropriate for heavy rain or showers!

jacket "Rose B;ush"

Chic Protection: Short Jackets with Detachable Hoods

Upgrade your wardrobe with sophistication and practicality in mind with elegant short jackets from RainSisters. New collection offers two options: solid black jacket “Evening Blush” and soft pink jacket “Rose Blush”.

Crafted from high-quality water-resistant membrane material, these jackets seamlessly combines style with protection against the elements. From its classic double-breasted design to its convenient adjustable and detachable hood, all details are meticulously crafted to elevate your outerwear game.



As you embark on your journey through our newest collection, we hope you're as excited as we are about the innovative features and timeless designs we've curated. Every piece in our collection is crafted with care to enhance your style while offering functionality. Whether you're navigating unpredictable weather or making a fashion statement, our collection ensures both protection and poise. Elevate your style with RainSisters and embrace every day with confidence and flair.

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