5 Summer Outfit Ideas for Sunny and Rainy days

5 Summer Outfit Ideas for Sunny and Rainy days

Summer is here, and the Summer Solstice is almost here, as well. For us, Latvians, it is a very special ancestral tradition to celebrate this night by making bonfires, dancing, singing, and glorifying the sun - after all, this is the shortest night of the year. The celebration starts early in the day, when we collect flowers, braid flower crowns, and prepare meal for the evening. While starting early in the day, celebration ends... well, when you get sleepy some time in the night. Or, it doesn't end at all - you celebrate all night and await the sunrise. 

And that means just one thing. When getting ready for Summer solstice celebration, you have to have smart choices about what you are wearing. Because you have to prepare for heat during the day (sometimes even +30°C (86°F)), as well as for the chilly night. And don't get me even started on rain - there is the saying that it always rains during that day, even if just a little. 

So, here you will find 5 summer outfit ideas for women. The choices are fully combined from clothing and accessories made by Latvian designers and brands we love the most. All outfits are suitable for Summer solstice celebration as well as any other occasions in the summer or early autumn days. Enjoy! 

Dreamy pinks and soft pastels

Summer-outfit-RainSistersPink flowy linen maxi dress, soft and warm mohair cardigan with feminine bow, and on top of that - for chilly or rainy summer evenings and nights - beige floral raincoat. To add a little sparkle - shiny silver shoes and beautiful jewellery. 

 1. Bracelet - natural semi-precious stone bracelet with Swarovski® crystal drops by Nela Gems - €25,00

 2. Rings - Swarovski® pearls by Nela Gems - €7,00 each

 3. Shoes - Silver caracul fur flats by INCH2€240,00

 4. Dress - Silky soft and comfortable dress with pockets by JcSophie - €100,00

 5. Cardigan - Open front knitted cardigan with a bow made of kid mohair and silk blend by MaiMai€132,00

 6. Coat - Fit and flare floral raincoat in 1950s swing coat style by RainSisters€245,00

 7. Magazine - book magazine created for women who want to live with joy by I'MPERFEKT 




Blue - the color that inspires

Frill is the must have for your summer outfit! Combine a long dress with a waterproof coat and let those frill details play! Add a summer hat and shoes with crocheted straps and you are good to go! Oh, and a blue butterfly for luck. 

1. Brooch - Twilight of Tallinn butterfly brooch by KUMA - €22,00

2. Shoes - Sophisticated slides with crocheted straps by WIMS - €110,00

3. Hat - Florentine straw hat with blue silk ribbons by Ksenia Danilova€200,00

4. Dress - Linen maxi dress with blue stripes by Jasmine - €80,00

5. Coat - Light blue women's rain slicker by RainSisters €245,00








Everything is better in purple 

Purple-outfit-inspirationIf you love the colour purple, this outfit will be perfect for you. During those hot summer days you can wear only the dress with shoes and jewelry. But when it gets colder or maybe even rains - try adding a pair of vegan leather trousers, warm cardigan, and a waterproof design coat. 

 1. Earrings - royal crystal shape in beautiful shade of purple by Pure Crystal Jewelry - €29,00

 2. Ring - 3 crystal ring with adjustable size by Pure Crystal Jewelry - €30,00

 3. ShoesClassic black leather and leather-metal buckled round toe loafers by INCH2€295,00

 4. Dress - Loose-fitting lightweight cotton dress in royal purple color by ZIB* €85,00

 5. Cardigan - Knitted Open front cardigan made of kid mohair and silk blend by MaiMai - €120,00

 6. Trousers - High-waisted vegan leather trousers with side slit pockets by Pixie Won't Play€189,00

 7. Coat - Floral long black waterproof design coat with fit and flare shape by RainSisters - €245,00




Comfort never goes out of style

Think of a beautiful summer day... Most probably you also think about garden parties, playing sports games, and spending lots and lots of time with your friends outdoors. In that case you will need something comfortable and maybe even a little bit sporty to wear. Why not try a loose t-shirt in combination with your favourite jeans, comfy and soft cardigan, lovely open toe shoes, and a raincoat - just in case the weather is not so sunny after all. 

1. Shoes - white leather shoes with platform by Elegants - €120,00
2. T-shirt - one size loose fit women's shirt by OWA- €45,00 
3. Jeans - your favourite blue jeans :)
4. Dress - forest green hoodie dress with two secret passages at the back for touches of love by Be-with€99,00 
5. Coat - green floral raincoat with belt to easily adjust the waist according to your liking by RainSisters - €245,00

Everything is fine when there is sunshine

And when you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine yourself! It won't be hard at all with the outfit inspired by the summer sun. Beautiful light linen midi dress with a belt worn with practical leggings and leather shoes will make you look feminine and fresh. Add a waterproof robe coat and a belt bag to feel your most comfortable self even when you're dancing in the rain!
1.  Belt bag - Vegan and nature friendly washable paper belt bag by DER
2.  Shoes - Square-toe sandals, set on a super comfortable block heel by Pixie Won't Play - €249,00
3.  Leggings - simple black jersey leggings for any occasion by ZIB* - €20,00
4.  Sunscreen - plant stem cell antioxidant body sunscreen spf 30 to get your perfect tan by Madara Organic Skincare - €19,00
5.  Dress - The most comfortable and practical linen dress which will be one of your favourite dresses of all time by IDYLLO - €70,00
6.  Coat - Comfortable, waterproof, warm and simply easy to wear floral mustard yellow raincoat by RainSisters - €195,00 (NOW on SALE!!!)
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