Ethical Practices at RainSisters

Being environmentally conscious is one of our core values at RainSisters. We're committed to ethical practices in every coat we create. We never mass produce and take the time to ensure that every piece looks perfect for each customer. We want our coats to find their perfect homes and stay there for a long time, even if it takes us a little longer to complete that process. 

Timeless fashion

Here at RainSisters we see it our mission to create coats that are both timeless and elegant as well as functional and comfortable. We aim to offer a piece of clothing that will last much more longer than one season. The coats are unique, functional, elegant and endlessly wearable. They aren’t going to be gone with tomorrow’s latest trends. Our designs are here to stay.

By using high quality extra durable membrane fabric in classic and timeless vintage-inspired cuts we make sure the coats we produce will never go out of style as well as the attention to detail ensures longevity and durability.

Functional and practical coats

All RainSisters coats are made from water-resistant (waterproof - 10000mm and breathable - 5000gsm) fabric. It is of superior quality, highly durable, and easy to care for, meaning you’ll be able to wear it for years to come without having to invest in another one. 

Pairing the fabric with classic vintage-inspired cuts the coats are unique, functional, elegant and endlessly wearable with countless styling options but suitability for different weather conditions gives the option to wear it almost every day.  

Harmless fabric choices

As mentioned previously all our coats are made from membrane material - water resistant (10 000mm), breathable (5 000 gsm) and windproof material with a warm (-5°C/23°F to +20°C/68°F) fleece inner layer. Fabric composition: 94% polyester, 6% polyamide.

The membrane fabric we use doesn't contain harmful PFAS chemicals. 

As for the lining - all coats have smooth and soft Italian satin lining that is 100% polyester. It agrees to OEKO-TEX standard 100. In the fabric production cycle the use of water and chemicals is reduced as well as avoided wastage. 

Despite the fact that we love the fabric we use, we are aiming to become more environmentally friendly by gradually changing currently used fabrics to equivalent recycled or partially recycled fabrics. First product made from recycled fabrics will be produced during 2025. 

Ethically produced

Coming from a small country in Northern Europe, we believe that what we give is what we take. So one of the main values when RainSisters originated was to create all of our production locally, in fair manner - paying fair living wages and working with companies that provides safe working conditions for their employees. 

Currently our coats are made in Latvia by companies that have SA8000 certificate, ISO 9001 certificate, HIGG index and B Corp certification. 

Environmentally conscious actions

We're committed to environmentally conscious and ethical practices in every coat we create. We never mass produce and are aiming to introduce recycled or partially recycled fabrics into our production product since 2025. Also to minimize the impact to environment we use our time and energy to come up with different ways on how to use the fabric leftovers. 

We have invested in digital solutions to ensure that we only use what we need and minimise the amount of wastage that occurs. But as there still is considerable amount of fabric leftovers we use them to create makeup bags, belts and other accessories.