Details & Material

All RainSisters' coats are made from membrane fabric - water resistant (10 000mm), breathable (5 000 gsm) and windproof material. Fabric composition: 94% polyester, 6% polyamide. No harmful PFAS used during the fabric production process.

Please note that the water resistance level of 10 000mm means that our coats can withstand 1-2 hours in a light rain/snow, or approximately 30 minutes in a moderate shower, without letting water come through. Our coats are not appropriate for heavy rain or showers!

Currently the available coats are made from two types of membrane fabric - light shell and soft shell

Light shell fabric

Since the collection of Spring | Summer 2024 we introduce the light shell membrane fabric. It is more lighter and thiner, it does not have the warmer fleece inner layer as soft shell fabric do. Coats made from light shell material is more appropriate for warmer weather. We suggest wearing these coats in temperatures ranging from +10°C (50°F) up to +25°C(77°F). Currently we offer four styles made out of light shell - 'Minty Meadow', 'Graceful Grey', 'Timeless Black' and 'Powder Dream'.  

Soft shell fabric

Since the very beginning of RainSisters brand the main fabric we use to create most of the coats are the soft shell membrane fabric. It is thicker than light shell fabric due to the inner fleece layer. The warm fleece inner layer makes these styles more appropriate for colder weather. We suggest wearing these coats in temperatures ranging from 0°C (32°F) up to +20°C(68°F).


As for the inner lining a high-quality, extra soft and durable Italian satin (100% polyester) are used. The lining agrees to OEKO-TEX standard and during the fabric production cycle the use of water and chemicals is reduced as well as the wastage is avoided.