Sizing for Girl coats

Sizes for all girls’ coats are designed to fit your child for a long time. She won’t outgrow it every time she grows another inch! If you require a size below 100 cm please contact us. For girls above 146 cm, we suggest choosing the XS petite size in the women’s coats and then adjust the length for you accordingly (if needed) at your local seamstress.

                  98/104     110/116     122/128     134/140     146/152
cm               55              57               60               63              66
in                21.5           22.5            23.5             25              26
Length of the sleeve
cm               36              40               44               48              52
in                 14            15.5              17               19             20.5
Length of the coat
cm              58              63                67               71             75
in                23              25               26.5             28            29.5


PLEASE NOTE: the sizes indicated in the measurement chart above represent the dimensions of the human body. The coat itself is slightly bigger to allow for layering clothes underneath. If you are unsure of the right size, we suggest choosing the larger size. If you are still uncertain, please contact us and we will do our best to help you find the ideal fit for your child!