Design Details

RainSisters water-resistant coats are more than just a shield against unpredictable weather; they're a statement of personal style, ensuring both protection and poise. When designing new styles of the coats, we pay close attention to various features that will not only make life much easier and comfortable but will also enrich the personal style of anyone wearing RainSisters coats.

Functional details of RainSisters coats

Adjustable hood

Adjustable drawstring tighteners

The adjustable drawstring tighteners are essential components of our waterproof coat hoods. They not only allow you to customize the fit of the hood to your preference but also effectively shield you from the elements, keeping wind and rain at bay.

Hidden pockets

Hidden pockets

The pockets are seamlessly sewn into the sides of the skirt portion, remaining inconspicuous and sleek while offering ample space to carry essentials such as a phone or other items with ease.

One side of the pockets is crafted from waterproof fabric, guaranteeing that the interior remains dry even in rainy conditions. The opposite side features a soft lining for added comfort.

Snap buttons

Hidden snap closure buttons

Our coats are secured with snap popper buttons, cleverly concealed beneath the outer material's vertical overlap on every design. This ensures that even when buttoned up for rain protection, our elegant designs maintain their sleek lines, free from any unsightly lumps or bumps.

Detachable hood

Detachable hoods

Since the Spring season of 2024, we've introduced several new styles like 'Evening Blush' and 'Rose Blush', each featuring a detachable hood. With hidden snap buttons, you can effortlessly remove or attach the hood according to your mood, the weather, or the desired style.