All About Femininity: 5 Feminine Blogs to Read in the Long Winter Evenings

All About Femininity: 5 Feminine Blogs to Read in the Long Winter Evenings

Something feminine just a click away!

Can you believe - Christmas & New years eve was a month ago? Despite that, it feels like the evenings grow darker faster and faster not the other way around as it should be. For me this is the hardest period of the whole year. It seems like there is almost no sun in the skies and the city look gloomy and grey everyday. 

So today I'm dedicating this to summarise my favourite blogs which are all full of feminine vibes to keep us all beautiful and womanly till the spring finally comes.

1. GalMeetsGlam

Gal meets glam blog

This blog by Julia Engel consists of feminine and inspiring stories, articles and photoshoots. Actually, the photos are so good, that I can spend hours looking through them. But when it comes to writing, in this blog you will find everything starting from fashion and daily looks, till different quick reads. This is really great way to spend your evenings and gather up some new ideas about the looks and fashion or what to do on weekends. But I think that the main thing why this is one of my favourite blogs is because of the story behind it and how similar it is with my life - my feelings and desire to create and maintain something feminine and romantic in this unisex and masculine period.


This blog by Jenny Cipoletti also is full of different topics and articles from style to travel. But for me the most interesting part and reading material is the section 'my thoughts'. There you will find not only very helpful tips on fashion, but also some advices in business field. And of course, throughout this blog you will see oh so many beautiful photos and inspiring garments. 

3. ModeAndTheCity

Mode and the city blog

This blog by Daphné Moreau will be excellent reading material if... you know French. :)  I myself can understand few words or in best case scenario some sentences, but I love this blog. First of all, it has true French vibe throughout all of the photos and articles. Secondly - when you first open this page you instantly notice the similarities with one of the best TV shows - 'Sex and the City'. So it all ads up and despite of not knowing the language, this is great page to spend your evenings at.


4. CupcakesAndCashmere

Cupcakes and cashmere blog

In my opinion, this is one of the more 'down to earth' blogs. But understand me correctly - 'down to earth' doesn't mean bad or low quality. On the contrary - this blog by Emily Schuman offers different variations on style and fashion choices which will definitely meet your budget. And from the reading point of view, you will find many useful articles to read, because as a mommy, Emily covers different motherhood related topic. 



Framboise fashion blog

I think about this blog as a blog with an edge. You can see the 'edge' in the photos and also in the 'sharp' writing. This blog by Sarah Mikaela will be more appealing to all of you who like to mix it up - one day you are exceptionally feminine wearing nothing but flowers, but next day - embracing your masculine side with menswear inspired pieces. 


All in all, I think these 5 blogs are great example that femininity isn't the sign of the weakness. On the contrary, these women proves that you can reach your goals and ambitions being woman in more classical way. These 5 women inspires me to do more and to achieve more. And I hope that you will find these blogs as useful as I do.  

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