Waterproof design coat Rosalie by RainSisters: Red Rose pattern on emerald green background

Design Coat “Rosalie” - For Every Woman That Feels Like a Queen

Emerald Green Coat for a True Princess

When we were young and youthful, so many of us, girls, wanted to become a princess. To wear the most beautiful dresses and definitely loose that one-of-a-kind crystal shoe. That's a shame that we tend to forget our childhood wishes while growing up, studying, finding our job, and searching for our place in this world. But we assure you, wearing the coat 'Rosalie' you will feel like a grown-up princess - a queen.

Rosalie coat

Behind the name Rosalie

Name Rosalie is the French form of the Italian name Rosalia which is a feminine given name of Latin origin meaning "rose" and was the name of an early saint - Saint Rosalia. Over the time this name has had some ups and downs obtaining the highest popularity around 1930. Most probably affected by American musical play “Rosalie” that was first produced in 1928. But now the name Rosalie have inspired us to design a coat which definitely has some characteristics of a true queen.

Rosalie coat pockets


Coat 'Rosalie' - the emerald green queen

Why Rosalie? Why not Alice, Bella or Charlotte?

We think that you have to take just one look to the print of coat Rosalie to understand why. When designing the pattern we were inspired by the queen of flowers - the red rose. To make it more rich we added background in the most luxurious colour - emerald green. Together it makes a coat so beautiful that it's often being mixed up with dress.  

The cut of the coat is simple yet feminine and truly princess-like. The accented waist line, the full skirt below it, and the voluminous hood will look fabulous with your crystal stiletto or boots while running your errands in the fast pacing city life, not worrying about the quickly changing weather.

Rosalie coat in the dark

Is this coat suitable for you?

Do you have a deep inner desire to create and express yourself? Do you like beauty around you in your home and work environment? Do you have a fragile soul under rough skin? If yes, then you are a true Rosalie. Even if you have to put on a brave face everyday and deal with different obstacles and problems in your workday. Just look at Rosalie Hale from the Twilight saga. Under the ice cold surface lives a dreamer, a truly kind and beautiful soul.

So bring a little bit of a dream and sparkle in your daily routine, because we are sure - there is a little princess (read: queen) in every one of us.

If you feel like a real Rosalie, don't hesitate to take a closer look at the coat or explore other designs by RainSisters


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