Becoming More Sustainable: 5 Blogs on Sustainable Fashion to Read During Self-isolation

Becoming More Sustainable: 5 Blogs on Sustainable Fashion to Read During Self-isolation

An article by on how "Post Covid-19 will be great for sustainable fashion brands" came up on my Twitter feed the other evening.

This post discusses the changes in the consumer behavior already now, during self-isolation - such as more online shopping, which is rather obvious. In addition to that, the author tries to model how will this "uncomfortable time" influence the consumer behavior after we go back to normal (but this will surely not be the same normal as before). The conclusion is that, despite the uncertainty, the sustainable fashion brands will thrive.

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Following this thought, we offer a list of blogs on sustainable fashion, transition from fast fashion to slow fashion, and related topics for reading while the things have slowed down.


1. ACTEEVISM: Sustainable & ethical life and style

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Megan McSherry is an acteevist: someone campaigning to bring about social and environmental change through conscious consumerism. She lives a low-waste lifestyle, is passionate about environmental justice and intersectional feminism, and sees her consumer dollars as a vote.

Megan's goal is to inspire you on small, yet meaningful changes to your everyday life that will positively impact both people and the planet. And she surely does - the blog post on her own journey from fast fashion towards slow fashion is honest and made us think about the steps in between fast fashion and slow fashion. There is also a blog post listing further reading to learn more about sustainable and ethical fashion.


2. SUSTAINABLY-CHIC: Because fashion can exist responsibly

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Natalie has created an online destination for sustainable fashion. She was shuffling around the fashion industry seven years ago, but couldn’t stay unless it became more sustainable. As the “Gal that couldn’t keep her mouth shut,” she started the blog to spread the word.

The page features a list of sustainable brands to check out. Natalie also explains the sustainable fashion as an umbrella term for other terms like slow fashion, eco fashion, circular fashion, zero-waste fashion, ethical fashion, and regenerative fashion in this blog post.


3. BETTERWORLDAPPAREL: Empower at least one person with the knowledge to make a better choice

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A blog around eco, vegan, sustainable, and fast vs. slow fashion - because fashion has one of the biggest impact on environment and society, as well as because everyone is relying on it and therefore has a chance to make bigger or smaller changes to it.

A lot of discoussion on the blog is about the footwear - not to forget this section. As the joke goes - "when you go to a protest for animal rights, check if you are not wearing leather shoes".


4. JUSTTHEESSENTIALSMOM: Lockdown or not, a capsule wardrobe will simplify your busy life!

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There are quite a lot of discussions around creation of your capsule wardrobe, especially suggesting to use the self-isolation period for this. There is a practical guide on how to create a capsule wardrobe on - to help you see through your closet and transition towards a multifunctional and durable collection of clothing for every day. suggests that the capsule wardrobe doesn't have to be all plain colors and boring. Instead, it should rather represent your individual style.

You can download a free printable capsule wardrobe season planner from the book author Leanne - her blog is one of the most detailed pages on capsule wardrobe, including samples for different styles, detailed steps for closet review, and also pictures from other readers.

But our favorite on the capsule wardrobe topic is Rachelle's blog with a whole series on what is it, why you need it, what colors to pick, and other very practical tips and tricks. Lockdown or not, why not get into it? Rachelle is mom of two and have been blogging about her family's findings on how toxin-free life can be so much more enjoyable and healthy.


5. SUSTAINABLE-MAN: Make your choices sustain our future world. What you wear matters, how you move counts

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Back to what we read on Twitter: there, Dan is my favorite sustainable fashion blogger - a college professor advocating for a sustainable lifestyle. While majority of fashion blogs talk about apparel for women, here you can find a list of quality manswear brands, as well as discussion on general sustainability issues ot fashion and tourism industry. I suggest to follow him on Twitter for a rather comprehensive feed of sustainability topics.


6. Bonus: our blog post on Sustainable Fashion at RainSisters

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Being environmentally conscious is one of the values at RainSisters. Sustainable fashion has many sub-sections, as well as different qualities and characteristics. In this blog post we analyze the waterproof design coats by RainSisters - to see how they correspond to the sustainable fashion philosophy.

Because feminine can be practical! The coats are functional and multipurpose, of high quality and timeless design to ensure durability, produced in small volumes and with little waste, yet so bright and feminine!

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