RainSisters Spring Bloom and Blue Breeze design coats

A Guide To Choosing The Perfect RainSisters Coat

Choosing the perfect raincoat is a tricky business isn’t it? There is such a dizzying selection of different styles, colors, and patterns to choose from that it makes your head spin. You may even want one for daytime and another for nights out on the town. So just how do you go about finding that special coat (or coats) that meet all your criteria and expectations as well as offering value for money? Let us help you decide with the following tips and advice.

How to choose the best coat for you?

There are a few important factors to bear in mind when making your decision:
  • What is my own personal signature style?
  • What colors/patterns/embellishments do I think are tasteful?
  • What do I require to feel both comfortable and confident?
  • When/Where am I likely to wear this coat?

Over the 5 years that RainSisters have been operating, we have learned a great deal of valuable insights into the wishes, desires, concerns and common questions from our customers. Here are the most common ones.

For tall women or those looking for a longer coat

Blue Breeze coat by RainSisters

Our longer designs include Rose Garden, Blue Breeze, Spring Bloom, Cornflower Blue, Peony Bloom, and Ruby Purple. These coats are 10 cm longer than our other coats and will fall below the knee for taller women and will give that midi look for those simply looking for a longer coat. You can also add a matching belt that allows for you to move it up or down according to your natural waistline.  
And don't forget to take a look to Raspberry Dream and Black Strawberry styles that are 5 cm longer than our other coats, although not as long as the aforementioned styles.

For petite women or those looking for a shorter coat

If you are looking for a shorter coat you can go with the petite sizes (currently available for almost every style) or choose the coat style that is knee length. And there's quite a few to choose from. 

You can take a look to styles with voluptuous skirt part (Dark Anemone, Blooming Night, Misty Rose), more classic silhouettes (Hortense or Purple Iris) or designs with peplum or pleated skirts (Black Strawberry, Wild Rose, Rosalie or Forest Flower).

For plus size women or those who prefer styles that will accentuate the beautiful curves

Scarlet Red coat by RainSisters

All of our coats are available in XL, XXL and 3XL sizes. However, we suggest the following styles which all look stunning on voluptuous ladies and their glorious curves: Blooming Night, Scarlet Red, Forest Flower, Midnight BlackRed Sun, and Beige Midsummer. These designs flatter the bigger figure with their full skirts and bold statement colors and floral patterns.

For women who love retro designs and want to add a dash of vintage to their life

We offer several designs which all feature beautiful vintage-inspired patterns: Our Rose Garden coat will ensure any woman wearing it looks chic and feels ultra-feminine in any kind of weather. Misty RoseYellow Sun, Wild Strawberry and Ruby Purple have full skirts inspired by fashions of yesteryear. And for the ultimate combination of modern color and 60s-reminiscent style, take a look at Purple Iris with its blooming flowers on an amethyst background.

For fashionistas everywhere looking for on trend styles

Spring Bloom coat by RainSisters

We’re not going to lie, we think ALL of our coats have timeless designs that will always be in fashion. Having said that, we do aim to incorporate seasonal trends into our coats to merge ageless style with the freshest patterns and clever color twists. Make sure to check out Spring Bloom, our take on the classic trench coat; Midnight Black, a design that will never stop looking classy; and Raspberry Dream, with its joyful pop of cerise that makes any head turn to stare in awe at the woman who wears it.

For women who want a style that will never ever be out of fashion

If you’re someone who always seeks out timeless styles in your clothes, then you’re sure to love our Midnight Black and Scarlet Red coats with their solid classic colors and practical design. Moss Green offers practicality and elegance in its subtle muted hues, while Ruby Purple will always grab everyone’s attention whatever decade you wear it in.

For women looking for that extra touch of sophistication for nights out

Dark Anemone style from RainSisters

When you have a special event lined up and you want to make sure your look is uber elegant, you won’t go wrong with designs Dark Anemone that can almost be mistaken for a dress on its own, or Misty Rose and Hortense which each get their WOW factor from the combination of moody background colors flaunting the panache of giant vibrant flowers.

Not sure which size to choose?

If you are in between sizes, we suggest sizing up (for example from M to L). But you are always welcome to contact us writing to info@rainsisters.com and we will be more than happy to help with choosing the right size.

If you like the pattern of one coat but the cut of another one

As if we didn’t already offer the most unique raincoats ANYWHERE, we’ve done one better. We plan to offer you, our devoted customers, the option to MIX AND MATCH, so you can custom design exactly the coat you want! You can select any fabric and any coat design to create your own bespoke variation. These coats will naturally take longer to produce - usually around 4 weeks – but isn’t it worth the wait to be able to display your own unique RainSisters coat to your friends? How cool is that?

What is the definition of "too many coats"?

Design Coats by RainSisters

Ladies, we know we can never have enough shoes, right? Well you can have as many coats as you have moods so give in to the decadence and splurge on whatever takes your fancy- darker styles for nights out at the opera, high color ones for brightening up rainy days with their vibrancy, solid backgrounds for the woman who is less “flower girl” and more “classy dame”. The most important thing is to choose what makes you feel proud to step out in and makes your own personal statement to the world: “This is me and I’m enjoying expressing myself through this fabulously feminine coat!”

If you’re still unsure about any aspect of choosing a coat or making your purchase, please feel free to contact us by email on info@rainsisters.com and one of our team of sisters (usually Zanda or Zane) will get back to you as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to welcoming you as a new customer or having you back as a repeat buyer!

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