Belt Loops

When RainSisters first came into being, we never could have imagined the burgeoning demand for matching accessories, particularly for belts. Over the years, our customers' desire for these complementary pieces has soared. In response, we've crafted an array of options, from tie-able belts to those adorned with silver hardware, and even timeless peplum designs to elevate any ensemble.

Yet, a question arises from our loyal customers and followers - why do our coats lack belt loops? The answer, though simple, holds the essence of our brand:

  1. Our coats, akin to elegant dresses, were conceived without belt loops, preserving their timeless, vintage-inspired allure;
  2. Each coat boasts a classic fitted silhouette with a cinched waistline, a design choice that ensures a flattering fit for many. Placing belt loops at a uniform height proves impractical, as our diverse clientele's torsos vary in proportions.

However, should you deem belt loops essential, fear not, for we offer a solution!

Where do I get matching belt loops?

Since May 2024, if you order a matching belt from us, we include something special: belt loops. These fabric straps are designed to be sewn directly onto your coat by you (basic sewing skills required, preferably with a sewing machine) or your local seamstress (suggested). This approach ensures that the belt loops are positioned precisely where they best suit your body proportions. And here's the best part - if you find that belt loops aren't your thing, there's no need to remove them by cutting them off! It's a win-win situation for all.

How to attach the belt loops to my coat?

There are two options for attaching the belt loops to your coat:

  1. Take your coat, the belt, and the belt loops you received to your local seamstress (recommended).
  2. Attach the belt loops yourself by following the steps below:

DIY - belt loops

To attach the belt loops yourself, you will need the following tools: scissors, needle and thread (a sewing machine is optional but recommended), and a measuring tape.

Here are the steps:

  • Remove the fabric "ring" (belt loops) from the belt.
  • Cut the fabric "ring" at the point where it is sewn together with a different colored thread. Then, fold the fabric strip in half and cut it to create two fabric strips of approximately the same length.
  • Measure yourself and the coat to determine the best spot to attach the belt loops for maximum comfort.
  • Using a needle and thread (or preferably a sewing machine), attach the belt loops to both sides of the coat. Alternatively, you can attach just one belt loop in the middle of the back.

    And voilà! Now you have your coat with belt loops exactly where you need them to be. If you have any questions about attaching them or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at We're here to help!