Sisters from Rainsisters

People behind the brand of RainSisters. Part one: The story of the three sisters.

Founded by three visionary sisters, Zanda, Zane, and Zaiga, RainSisters, a Latvian-born brand, has captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts and thousands of customers.

Let’s find out more about people behind the brand - three sisters, founders of RainSisters!

Story of the three sisters

Zanda, Zane, and Zaiga, born and raised in a close-knit family, each pursued their individual passions in finance, material technology, and architecture respectively. Yet, destiny had a different plan for these sisters. As they ventured into their professional careers, they realized the power of their combined knowledge and expertise. Thus, RainSisters was born out of a desire to merge their talents and create something truly impactful.

The spark of inspiration came from Zaiga, a mother of three living in a city prone to wind and rain. Faced with the challenge of finding suitable rainwear for herself and her children, she realized there was a gap in the market for stylish yet functional coats. And so, the idea for RainSisters was born.

Drawing from their diverse backgrounds in finance, material technology, and architecture, the sisters pooled their expertise to bring their vision to life. Armed with waterproof fabric and a passion for design, they started small, sewing a few coats by hand and selling them at local design markets. The response was overwhelmingly positive, confirming their belief that there was indeed a demand for functional design.

Their vision for RainSisters was clear from the outset – to challenge the notion that practicality and style are mutually exclusive. 

Fast forward to today, and RainSisters has blossomed into a globally recognized brand, with twelve collections under their belt and a dedicated following of customers around the world.

Zane - finance

Zane from Rainsisters

Zane is in charge of all financial decisions and is master of numbers at RainSisters. Her responsibilities can be divided in two main blocks: the finances (cash flow planning, overlooking the accounting, analysis of the actual results) and production planning, very much based on the sales data analysis combined with her "gut feeling".
The most interesting task sometimes is to find the right data sets to analyze against each other to be able to locate the causality that helps in management decisions.

Zane remembers the beginning of RainSisters: "For a finance person, I am very optimistic and see opportunities and possibilities. However, I was really puzzled after the first financial year when Zanda said: "45 coats in 9 months? I would like to have 45 coats per month to be reached during the next year". It sounded like an unattainable goal back then, very ambitious. Now we are often selling 45 coats per day. We really needed all of the gradual growth of RainSisters, as we were able to grow our minds during the time also."

Zanda - design

Zanda from Rainsisters

All RainSisters' floral prints and patterns are designed by Zanda. As she begins crafting a print for a new coat collection, inspiration blooms from nature, flowers, and fashion. However, the guiding principle for each new print unquestionably lies in intuition and the desired aesthetic, aiming to evoke specific feelings for RainSisters' customers. Zanda says, "It's a mix of inspiration, ideas, and a little bit of magic. When a new collection is launched, there is always the feeling that it is the best collection so far!"

Zaiga - production

Zaiga from Rainsisters

When the design by Zanda is ready on paper, Zaiga is the one who makes it a reality. She says, "I like to create new coat constructions according to the vision of my sister – the designer."

The main task for Zaiga is to organize production. From the beginning, she makes the constructions of the coats, organizes the orders for sewing, and manages the part of materials ordering and receiving. The greatest joy for her is when everything is completed on time. She enjoys receiving new materials and inspecting them.

Zaiga says, "It's great when collaborating with other employees, partners, or sewers, I can improve the technology of coat sewing and enhance our coats from various aspects."


Zanda, Zane, and Zaiga's journey is a reminder that when women support each other, incredible things happen. Following their dreams and passion, they created unique brand for women all around the world which is loved by thousands of happy customers. You can find RainSisters coat almost in every country worldwide! And this is only the beggining of the journey for RainSisters…

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