Custom Made Clothing - Order Your Coat Now

Being rather tall and slim ladies starting from early childhood, we, Zanda, Zaiga un Zane, know how hard it is to find clothing that will fit properly.

Taking into consideration that every woman has a different figure and character, we think it is sustainable and wise to buy just the things that will fit you well - physically and emotionally. And what is more important than the perfect fit of your coat?

As all of our coats are being handmade, we are happy to adjust the existing patterns according to your body type and proportions and give your coat a perfect fit alteration. Also, we very well understand that some of you would like to double check if the standard sizes of coats will fit you. In both cases we will need some additional information about your body size.

Taking measurements

For the best and most precise result when taking your measurements you should be wearing long sleeve shirt or dress which fit you very well. Also we would suggest to ask help from your partner or friend to take the measurements because, for example, it is rather complicated to measure the shoulder with or length of the coat (without leaning down to your knees) by yourself. 

When having your well-fitted clothes on and your helper besides you, you can start to take measurements. After doing so, please, send the measurements and information about which coat model are you looking at to and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

What measurements do you need to take?

Shoulder width When you usually buy your clothes, does the shoulder width fits well/ is too tight / is too wide?
Bust What size usually is your bra cup?
Waist What size clothing do you usually wear?
Arm length
When you usually buy your clothes, does the sleeve length fits well/ is too long / is too short?
When you usually buy your clothes, does the sleeve in the biceps fits well/ is too wide / is too tight?
Height  What are your height?


Please, send the measurements in email and, please, answer also the additional questions in the table. This will help us make the coat sizing as accurate as possible. 

What is the proper way to take your measurements?

If you haven't been taking measurements or just want to be sure, here are few videos to help you in the process:

Shoulder width



Arm length


RainSisters design coat: Pink coat

What will it cost to have a coat made especially for you?

In most cases after we compare your measurements with our standard sizes, we find and offer you the best compatibility. But, if there is no appropriate size for your measurements, we are changing our patterns or drawing new ones. Therefore we will inform you about the accurate price of the floral coat and you can always refuse. But, what we can see from our experience - usually the additional fee is from 30Eur (elongation of the sleeves or other minimal changes) up to 150Eur (making new patterns).

How long will you have to wait for your coat?

Likewise as with the pricing, we will inform you about the period of time you will have to wait due to the fact that the changes of the coat can be so different. If you will need only longer sleeves for example, most probably the coat will reach you in 2 to 3 weeks time. But, if we need to create a new coat pattern specially for you, the waiting time would be around 4 to 6 weeks. And again, after clarifying the time frame, you will be able to decline your order. 

How can you trust that the coat will fit at the end?

Of course, when making custom made clothing without trying it on during the process it is always a little bit tricky to know if it will fit at the end. But until now almost 30% of all sold coats were being made with various pattern adjustments, and so far the fit has always been perfect. 

Can you return the coat if you doesn't like it after all?

Yes, you can. But considering that the coat has been specially made for you and doesn't correspond to our existing standard sizes, you might only get 50% refund

Our rights 

Despite the fact that we are glad to make coats perfect for different woman, we still keep rights to decline to do that. The reason behind that is really simple - often (especially during spring and autumn) we have so many standard orders, that we don't have time or resources to make a custom made clothing. 

Have any questions or want to order a coat? We are happy to help!