Vogue Suggests Waterproof coat for Spring 2018

Vogue Suggests Waterproof coat for Spring 2018

Waterproof Coat vs Umbrella

Have you noticed that when it rains outside, there is nothing really feminine you can wear without having to take an umbrella - that disobedient device you don't have a place to put when shopping for a new pair of shoes?


Umbrella fail. Go with Raincoat.


Although being around for quite a while now, there is a rather simple solution for that. You know, the plastic thing kids run around the yard when it rains? Yes, that. Raincoat. But yeah... Even the way how we asked might not seem that pleasant. At least till now. 

Fashionable raincoats

Fashion evolves and becomes more functional. So it has entered the market of rainwear. For example, floral raincoat with hood will be perfect for fashionable yet practical ladies running errands in the changing weather in spring, in fall... well, pretty much any time. Why? Because it allows you to leave the umbrella at home for empty hands. It allows you to be sure you will look great in the unexpected rain or wind breeze. This is exactly what Vogue suggests for Spring 2018:

“(..) the days of choosing between fashion and function are finally over. Designers have chosen the waterproof, wind-resistant anorak as the latest outerwear staple for Spring 2018. There is no longer an excuse for not appropriately dressing for the weather(...)”. 

Plastic raincoat fail. Go with softshell raincoat by RainSisters

Seriously?! They want us to wear that plasticky thing? Ugh... Well, I thought so too. Until I figured that there must be some stylish rainwear in the market too. I talked to my sisters who are crazy about the latest trends, and turns out there are just a couple of brands out there, but most of them still were sporty, rather plastic and definitely not warm if it comes to surviving the rain on my way from work to home.


So we created our own waterproof coat brand "RainSisters"  

If you would ask us, we would say - finally something that I can wear with high heels. And it's true! These are waterproof designer coats completely dedicated to women who live in cities and adore fashionable lifestyle. 

 RainSisters and Vogue suggest raincoat for spring 2018

The Collection SS18  "Floral City" incorporates the freshest trends from the SS18 runways - flower patterns. All of RainSisters coats have fresh flower motives and colourful floral patterns that have been combined with especially feminine cut and forms. 

Oh, and no more of that plastic thing. All of the coats are made from softshell, a very soft and comfortable waterproof and breathable material with soft lining that will keep you warm and dry during rain. 

To put it short, there has never been more stylish rainwear for women.



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