Behind the Curtains: Spring 2018 Raincoat Collection Photoshoot

Behind the Curtains: Spring 2018 Raincoat Collection Photoshoot

RainSisters design coat first photoshoot

A good design is important - and it can be further enhanced with a good photo.

We spent a great morning moving the props around, dressing and undressing - together with children laughter and running around. The first photoshoot for our spring collection of floral raincoats took place indoors, some more to come in an urban outdoors setting.

RainSisters raincoat City Sun

RainSisters raincoat City Bird


We are cooperating with a great photographer Linda - more of her pictures can be seen at Linda Migla webpage.


RainSisters raincoat City Flower


The wonderful paintings are made by artist Madara Gulbis. She delivers the best colours for the best home interior atmosphere, and she has a large collection of paintings from over the years. 


RainSisters raincoat City Bird for active moms and pregnant women


Would it be fashionable to have a cute floral raincoat for the little one? Sure it would. Stay tuned :)

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