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People behind the brand. Part two: RainSisters team

Started as a small Latvian-based brand with the vision of three sisters—Zaiga, Zanda, and Zane—RainSisters has grown into a team of 11 people. In this blog, we have already invited you to meet our sisters from RainSisters and read their story.

Now let’s meet the rest of the team!

Arturs – Stock Steward

Artūrs – Stock Steward

Meet Arturs, the guardian of our inventory and brother of our Rainsisters' sisters. With meticulous attention to detail, Arturs ensures that RainSisters always has a plentiful supply of coats ready to meet the demands of our customers. His commitment to keeping our stock in check ensures that no RainSisters customer ever goes without their favorite garment.

His main tasks include receiving coat shipments, arranging coat boxes in the warehouse, organizing coats on shelves, coordinating pallets and empty box logistics back to the sewing workshops, and regularly tracking coat supplies.

He enjoys commuting to work by motorcycle the most and organizing coat boxes in the warehouse to ensure the space is walkable.

Baiba – The Communications Maestro

Baiba – The Communications Maestro

As the maestro of communications, Baiba fearlessly tackles love and hate comments and inquiries with grace and professionalism. Her dedication to maintaining a positive online presence ensures that every RainSisters interaction is delightful.

Every day, she is the office manager—responsible for ensuring RainSisters always has everything: coffee, tea, cleaning supplies. Additionally, she is responsible for the showroom, welcoming clients when they come, so she is always on-site. Plus, the majority of her day involves being part of the marketing team; she is responsible for communications—responding to comments, messages across all RainSisters social media platforms, helping organize photoshoots, liaising with influencers, UGC, various other collaborators.

What she enjoys the most is finally being in a workplace where the idea resonates with her; she feels appreciated and can work to her full potential. Her ideas are heard, and she feels like an important part of the whole team.

Līva – The Problem Solver

Līva – The Problem Solver

Every business encounters hurdles, but with Līva on the RainSisters team, no challenge is insurmountable. As the resident problem solver, Līva soothes our customers' worries with ease, ensuring that every concern is addressed promptly and effectively. Her resourcefulness and quick thinking make her an invaluable asset to the RainSisters family.

As a Customer Support Specialist at RainSisters, her main responsibility is to provide quick and effective support to customers, resolving their inquiries. Every day, she receives various customer emails, which she carefully analyzes and provides informative and friendly responses.

She enjoys this work because it allows her to develop communication skills, creatively solve problems, and improve customer service processes.

Miks – The Analysis Wizard

Miks – The Analysis Wizard

Numbers hold the secrets to success, and Miks is the master at unlocking them. With a keen eye for analysis, Miks delves deep into the data to uncover insights that drive RainSisters' business forward.

As a financial analyst, he delves into numbers and wades through extensive Excel spreadsheets daily. He finds joy in seeing concrete results from his work, especially when management provides direct feedback or adjusts strategies based on his recommendations.

Undīne – The Retail Pro

Undīne – The Retail Pro

Collaboration is key, and Undīne excels in fostering relationships with RainSisters' stockists. As the retail pro, Undīne works tirelessly to collaborate with RainSisters partners, ensuring that coats find their way to every corner of the globe.

As a sales manager and assistant to RainSisters' sisters, her job is pretty exciting. She spends much time talking with RainSisters' export partners and wholesale customers, ensuring everything runs smoothly. She really enjoys building relationships with our business customers.

Besides that, she also helps manage RainSisters' online stores on platforms like Shopify and Etsy, as well as partner websites.

But her favorite part of the job is writing! She loves coming up with catchy descriptions for RainSisters' products. Every day is different, and that's what makes her job so enjoyable.

Elīna – The Marketing Marvel

Elīna – The Marketing Marvel

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, Elīna is the guiding light. As the marketing marvel, Elīna devises strategies, analyzes campaigns, and optimizes RainSisters' outreach efforts to ensure maximum impact. Her creativity and strategic vision elevate the RainSisters brand every day.

Elina joined the RainSisters team in August 2021 and started by helping with Facebook ads. Soon enough, the story about the RainSisters brand and product captured the hearts of women all around the world.

Elina's favorite part of the job is to see the results of campaigns she manages and finding new opportunities every day. She also enjoys creating new ideas for ads.

Antra – The Delivery Boss

Antra – The Delivery Boss

Behind every successful order is Antra, the delivery boss. With unparalleled efficiency, Antra ensures that every RainSisters coat reaches its destination in perfect order. From processing orders to managing logistics, Antra's meticulous attention to detail ensures a seamless delivery experience for our customers.

She organizes the ordered coats for shipping, including correct documentation, as well as arranging shipping companies to deliver them.

Additionally, she handles returns: cooperation with customs, clearance documentation, exchange arrangements, and refunds.

She is moved by a passion for the colors and beauty created here at RainSisters and spread all around the world. She believes that a happy woman can make the world a better place to live!

Rita – The Packing Expert

Rita – The Packing Expert

Last but certainly not least, Rita is the heart and soul of our packing operations. With precision and care, Rita folds each coat to perfection, ensuring that every package is a delight to receive. Her dedication to quality ensures that every RainSisters coat arrives in pristine condition, ready to be worn with pride.

Every day, she packs and dispatches orders, as well as handles returned coats. She particularly enjoys packing and dispatching. With larger volumes, she asks the courier how many boxes she has packed because she always wants to set higher and higher goals.


Together, these individuals form the backbone of RainSisters, embodying the values of dedication, expertise, and excellence. Behind every coat lies a story of teamwork and passion, woven together by the hands of these remarkable individuals. As we look to the future, we take pride in knowing that with this incredible team by our side, RainSisters will continue to shine bright, providing warmth, style and comfort to all who seek it.

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