From Sketch to Closet: The Journey of Creating a Design Coat

In the realm of RainSisters fashion, functionality meets style in the most captivating ways. In this blog post, we'll explore the fascinating journey of creating a RainSisters water-resistant design coats from sketch to production.

Designing a RainSisters coat involves a meticulous process that blends creativity with functionality. You will get insider's look into the creative process behind designing and producing a coat collection. Follow the journey from initial concept and sketching to pattern-making, prototyping, and final production, giving you a deeper appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship behind your favourite design coats. 


Inspiration and Conceptualisation

It all begins with a spark of inspiration. Sketching plays a crucial role in translating ideas into tangible concepts. Our designer gets inspiration from nature, fashion and vintage style that all together gives the infinite variety of textures, colours, and shapes. Designer brainstorm, sketch, and iterate until she achieve a clear vision of the product they intend to create. 

Inspired by the beauty of nature and vintage designs all RainSisters floral patterns and coat designs are designed by Zanda, one of the sisters from RainSisters. First there is an overall vision, a feeling how the new collection should look like and what it should represent. The next step is deciding on color choices and designing new prints. The prints are being made in various phases - at the beginning the designer  creates different flower and plant paintings by hand which afterwards gets modified and put together as one or few new prints. After the prints are ready it is time to set the cuts for coats and hand it over to the production team.

Research and Material Selection

Once the concept is defined, research becomes paramount. Behind the effortless elegance of our coats lies a foundation of technical innovation. We've sourced the finest water-resistant fabrics and cutting-edge technologies to ensure unrivalled performance in any weather condition. Understanding the properties of various materials and their suitability for water-resistance is essential. The selection process involves considering factors such as durability, weight, and environmental impact. RainSisters coats are made from extradurable membrane fabric paired with recycled Italian satin lining.

coat Raven Red

Prototyping and Testing

With materials chosen and floral patterns ready, the next step is prototyping. Prototypes allow designer to assess the practicality of their design and make necessary adjustments. Skilled seamstresses meticulously cut, sew, and assemble each component with precision. The goal is not just to create a water-resistant coat but to craft a piece of outerwear that stands the test of time. Prototypes are used to refine and perfect designs before they go into production.

Design Refinement

Refinement is an ongoing process throughout the design journey. Feedback from prototypes and user testing inform design decisions. Adjustments may be made to improve fit, functionality, or aesthetics. Collaborating with manufacturers ensures that the design can be feasibly produced at scale without sacrificing quality.

coat Midnight Black

Production and Quality Control

Once the design is finalized, it's time for production. Seamstresses bring the design to life, cutting and sewing the chosen materials with precision. Quality control measures are implemented at every stage to maintain consistency and ensure that each coat meets the specified standards.

coat Classic Red

Launch and Feedback

The culmination of the design journey is the launch of the coat collection to the market. Before launching takes place, RainSisters conduct photoshoots of the new collection. Looking for perfect location for photoshoots is crucial. Once the photos are ready and processed, new collection is uploaded on the website and is ready to conquer the hearts of our customers.


As the raindrops fall, our coats stand as a testament to sophistication and resilience. Designing a RainSisters water-resistant design coat requires a harmonious blend of creativity, technical expertise, and attention to detail. With our water-resistant coat collection, we invite you to embrace elegance, functionality, and sustainability in equal measure. From the drawing board to the final stitch, each coat embodies our dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and timeless style. 

RainSisters coats not only protect against rain but also make a fashion statement.  Welcome to a world where fashion meets function.

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