5 Reasons You Won't Regret Buying RainSisters' Coat

5 Reasons Why You Won't Regret Buying RainSisters' Coat

RainSisters' coats are so much more than the usual rainwear!  

Actually RainSisters' coats are more than usual outerwear as well.  You can't really explain, you have to see and feel for yourself but we like to say that these coats are more than just a clothing. It's a feeling you get when wearing on of RainSisters' coats. Inspiration. Festivity. Celebration of life and dose of femininity. 

If you are yet to try by yourself let us tell you a bit more about us and our coats. Read on and find out what makes RainSisters' coats unique and 5 reasons you won't regret buying RainSisters' coat. 



We all are unique human beings so why do we try to look like somebody else..? Yet it's so fascinating when people aren't afraid to wear what they like and stand out in the crowd. It takes a courage, we know. But THE feeling you get in return is just unexplainable. 

When we are designing our characteristic floral prints we are always keeping in mind the feeling that we want to translate through the prints. I guess that's the reason why our bold floral patterns take the breath away.

In combination with not-mainstream figure flattering cuts, it truly makes eye-catching designs that embrace femininity and makes you to stand out in the crowd.



Starting from the beginning we wanted to create outerwear that is not only beautiful and figure-flattering, but also 100% functional rainwear. That's how we discovered membrane fabric. 

Membrane fabric is waterproof, warm and breathable so it provides the wearer with comfort during rainy and sunny days. It will also protect you from unexpected weather conditions, keep you warm and maintain normal body temperature as well as allow your skin to breath. (Read more about membrane fabric here!)

When creating new designs and cuts we pay attention to the small details that adds extra comfort while wearing a RainSisters coat.

Large hood with adjustable tighteners ensuring no rain gets in your face (who would want a runny mascara, yikes!), hidden snap buttons, and large hidden pockets to hide a lipstick, phone, or a healthy snack. Full body polyester satin lining adds the extra comfort you deserve. Also you will see that the membrane fabric is soft and doesn't make a sound when walking. As compared to other waterproof materials - you won’t have the rubbery feel to your coat. 



As owners of brand that is one of fashion industries representative, we think that it is our obligation to include environment friendly actions into the production process. That's why our goal is to create coats that will last a lifetime. How we are achieving that? See below!

Rainsisters is slow fashion brand, which means:

  • Only high quality and extra durable materials are used in production;
  • Our coats are handmade locally in an ethical and fair manner;
  • We produce in small amounts and take the effort that each piece is made perfect;
  • Fabric leftovers are used to create accessories;
  • Our designs are timeless and looks good with different kinds of styles - heels, boots, dresses, jeans etc.

Or as our customers are saying - "Breathtaking and superior quality”



We are three Latvian sisters, best friends and colleagues that are standing behind the brand RainSisters - let us tell you a bit more about ourselves.

We were born and raised in a small town in Latvia in a family of six. After high school graduation we all begun to study. Zane studied finances, Zaiga - material technology; Zanda - architecture. After working in our fields for some time, we realised that combining our knowledge together would make a great team. So we decided to make our own company.

The idea occurred to Zaiga. She is living in the city by the sea, usually windy and rainy. Being mother of three, she felt the need to have some kind of rainwear, as the umbrella is not an option with children. So, we decided to create the coats that are both feminine and functional in contrast to the common beliefs that lady-like designs are not practical, and functional fashion is masculine or ‘unisex’.

We started everything by buying waterproof fabric and sewing (ourselves) just a few coats that we sold in local design markets - to validate the idea and to see if people need this kind of rainwear. Turns out - they do need them, both women and men love our designs.

And here we are now - 7 collections later, we are shipping our coats all over the world and getting so much love from you!



Sounds unbelievable? Yes, but it’s true! Even if you change your mind and return the coat!

Here are some reviews form our customers, who are rocking Rainsisters coats: 


"Beautifully made, and much better quality than anything I could buy in a store. I'm considering a 2nd!"



"LOVE this company! These are the most beautiful raincoats I have ever seen in my life; I now own two of them and wish I could buy them all!"



"The coat was beautiful and very well made and the service was excellent. Unfortunately I’m very small and I had to return the coat as even the XS size was too long. But I received my refund very promptly."


Or take a look to other reviews that our customers have left in our Trustpilot account!


But if you still have a question or two please contact us via email info@rainsisters.com and we will try to help you with that!

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