Women's Black Raincoats

If you must choose just one raincoat for Spring and Autumn season, then women's black raincoats with hood is definitely the best option. Why? Because women's black raincoats is not only elegant but also never goes out of style. In combination with feminine cuts and bright floral patterns designed by RainSisters team, black raincoats with hood will brighten up any gloomy day. Even if it rains.

Made out of qualitative membrane fabric, women's black raincoats with hood will protect you from rain, sleet or unexpected wind breeze. At the same time, softshell fabric from which the black raincoats are made of, will let you feel warm yet not hot while wearing it. Large, comfortable hood with tighteners, full body lining and pockets in the side seams makes these black raincoats fully functional coats throughout the four seasons especially during changing weather.

RainSisters is a fashion brand specialising in exceptionally feminine black raincoats. The three sisters behind the brand felt the need to create the design that is both feminine and functional - in contrast to the common beliefs that lady-like design is impractical and that functional fashion is masculine or "unisex". All of the black raincoats are manufactured in sustainable way paying great attention to fabric durability, ethical, local and small-scale manufacturing as well as efficient use of fabric. In combination with feminine details, unique custom designed floral patterns and functionality adds the extra comfort so you can be a lady despite the weather.

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